DDesyners – Blending Beauty With Function!



This new endeavour is the efforts of my brother Vinay Gupta, who as a civil engineer has ample experience in wide arrays of Residential and Commercial construction projects and known for his unique, sturdy and innovative building concepts and designing process.  His creative instincts has driven him to venture into the world of interior designing along with his construction projects. I wish him success in his efforts and hope that he innovates to create design masterpieces!


Dilli: Kya hain Dilli?!!

MUST WATCH !!!!!!!!

Exceptional Documentary….

A multiple-award winning documentary that has played in over 60 international film festivals across the world.
The film was premiered at the NASDAQ in Times Square, New York on April 1, 2011

It records and documents the evacuation of the thousands of humans, who lost their homes, and were left in a sea of rubble with nowhere to go and no hope for the future. – source wiki

Sheila Dikshit:
Sheher voh, jo ghar ban jaye,
Ajnabi bhi dost ban jaye,
Sheher voh jo rishta ban jaye
Mera ghar, mera pataa, meri shaan,
Dilli… meri jaan..