Corbett Travelogue-2: Adventure Sports & Jungle Safari

After The fun filled journey to our resort which was full of so many surprises, which were too much to enjoy in too little time. But with time was to come many more and new surprising activities packed with overflowing excitement which will unravel the beauty of nature and the thrills of adventures. After a little stay we left the resort for the day long activities, first in the list were the adventure sports at an astonishing location, on a suspension bridge above the crystal clear water of the river stream. The activities their included flying fox, bridge falling, etc. All of these activities were too safe and were done with good safety equipments, thus the feeling of fear was negligible while the emotion of anxiety and thrill was still present while doing these activities, the best among them was the bridge falling, explained by local guide as the ‘Amir Khan stunt in Rang De Basanti’, where he freely falls into the water. After hours of activities we left for our Safari in the hearts of the Corbett, to encounter nature in its natural form and in search of a date with the animals of the jungle.

Guide map for Corbett National Park

A word here about the zones of the Corbett where safari can be done, for this information is too important, if anyone is planning to go there. Corbett has total of 4 zones where Jeep Safari can be done, only after prior permission from the forest department. Out of these 4, 3(Jhirna, Bijrani and Mondiapani) are on the outskirts where permission can be easily sought while chances of wildlife encounter are less in comparison to the main/core zone i.e. Dhikala. The core region where advance booking has to be done for safari, night stay is compulsory, and the chances of wildlife encounter, especially spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger is the maximum. Since we were uninformed about the zones info, our booking for safari was arranged by our resort in the Jhirna region, we hoped in full to spot the main attraction of the Corbett i.e the Royal Bengal Tiger, but our hopes were dashed, safari went on to spot the varieties of dear, monkeys and a few birds. In totality, this was where our journey reached the lowest nook till now, as we encountered no major animal. Only best part regarding Tigers in this safari was that we spotted some footprints of a tiger!

Kosi Riverside-1:

Safari time was over and we were no longer hoping for tigers to come in front of us!. Returning back to the resort with Mr.Munna and his stories which were ranging from elephants, tigers, even ghosts and spirits of the Corbett, his stories made the route back to resort a little better than boring. This was the time when excitement was building for the next daring activity that was to take place, something that will make us all forget the bare moments of safari, something that will revitalize our spirits, something that will be remembered for decades, something that needs daring will, something that will faint the softhearted, something that will shake you to the core and something that will wreck the fear out of us!!!

The time was for ‘Night Safari‘ after the dinner. Under the light of the countless stars, each so beautiful, as if shining like a diamond on the neck of  a pretty princess! Accompanied with our daring guide Mr.Munna and his task-men, Mr.Anil. With no safety gear we dared to encounter the wildness of the jungle in the midnight, and to face-off the wildlife. The surrounding was so majestic, we could hear the jungle breathing, while its sound was so silent that we could hear the echo of our emotions. Each sense of our was attentive while we were trying to savior what we were feeling for I cannot degrade those moments with limited words I have. With time, plot was building with signs to confront a Tusker (Wild Insane Elephant), but all efforts went in wane, we had to satisfy ourselves not with the sight but with the smell of this Tusker! Safari continued where we spotted numerous deers on the way, in the hope to face something big, but only thing big was the experience that this night safari had given us, for emotions will feel shy in front of that experience, for the scale of thrill has to be redefined, for silence will find a new meaning, for the experience will remain engraved in the brains for lifetime, such was the sound and sight of that safari.

Feeling so high, we were unaware of the upcoming events, life was facing events much more grand and fast than the best roller coaster ever built. And this course was to face new heights with the new sun in the horizon, for the next morning waited for us, it waited for us to redefine our limits, it waited for us to define the meaning of life, it will make us forget everything we cared about in this world except ourselves, for it will confront us with the decisions of life, for the next morning will try to perish us, something that will stretch us beyond our limits, something that will test our patience, something that will make us forget our pains, something that teaches us the meaning of a goal, something that teaches us teamwork, something that will teach us to lead and to follow, something so marvelous in action that its sensations are still alive.

Stay tuned for something that will stretch the limits of emotions and adventures to the sky, something that will need you to think beyond dare, something that has reshaped the meaning of adventure for us and has became a yardstick for our future adventures.Stay tuned for the penultimate part, for that was the most extraordinary adventure ever done by us!


Corbett Travelogue -1: Reaching Resort

The adventures,  thrilling experience and the nature’s refreshing moments are too descriptive that I don’t have enough words to lay the exact picture of what we saw and felt on this trip. These travelogues are dedicated to my friends with whom I cherished and enjoyed all those moments at Corbett National Park, the oldest national park of the country. The moments and fun we shared there is too precious to forget and these posts are one attempt to savior all those lively, adventurous, sensational, anxious and intense moments.

Kosi Riverside:

The first trip with college friends and my second train journey the trip was expected to be great, but during the course the limits of greatness were redefined and this trip became a yardstick for all of us to compare our forthcoming adventures. Accompanied with Atul, Rahul, Bhanu, Vivek and Dheeraj, we played cards for few hours in the train and slept for the remaining hours of the journey under the dark night sky filled with countless stars not knowing that next day will be the brightest day of the life and bestow onto us some of the most fantastic, unforgettable and beautiful events that none of us had experienced before.

We Boarded bus for Mohan (where our resort was waiting for us) after 6 hours in the train, all thanks to the bus conductor, for we were left 4 kms away from Mohan, where our resort was booked! Destined to this stranded location, on the outskirts of the Corbett, we were walking adjacent to the course of the Kosi river. The river was very deep from where we were yet all of us wanted to go near it, some were fearful of the steep sides while some were anxious, the walk continued when we encountered a gentle slope to reach to the river, the scenery  and the river side was too beautiful to resist and attracted all of us near to it like bees to the beauty of flower. This near video capture and its snaps will surely make you want to be there!

[Photo Gallery: Click on image to enlarge]


After some refreshing time on the riverside and on the side-stones, we resumed back to our destined location from this ‘plotted spot’. Enroute back to the resort, 4 km from our current location, we asked for lift from a truck, thus embarking upon my first journey on the back of a truck!. Truck dropped us on the barricade entry to Mohan, where we waited for our resort pick up, while cherishing the moments spent at the riverside. Soon, an open roof Maruti gypsy stopped near us driven by Mr. Munna, an exceptionally friendly rather over-friendly man, who accompanied us in the Corbett and is solely responsible for arranging the most thrilling, exciting and heart-racing adventure events, while his stories of the Corbett needs special mention! his gypsy was our vehicle for the next 2 days we were to spent in the lap of the nature at Corbett. The way to the resort was not an all weather motor-able road, rather it was something where the extreme heights of the vehicles capabilities could be tested. The location and the road was synonymous to the name of our resort i.e. Wild Rendezvous, build in the nature’s lap, far from any visible human activities and adapted to the nature, only thing visible from the resort was nature and its scenery at its best!

The journey from here takes a ‘diverse’ turn with adventure sports, jungle safari, late night safari, trekking and much more and will follow in coming posts.

PS: Do see the attached photos and video, comments are welcome.